Custom Painted And Airbrushed Goalie Masks

Importance of Customizing Goalie Masks

Why Big Tiki's Promotes Uniqueness When Custom Painting and Airbrushing Goalie Masks

Standing Out In The Game

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A goalie’s main job is to stop the puck from getting into the net and is only noticed when the other players and the puck start racing toward them. If the goalies’ team is good this doesn’t happen very often in a game. This leaves the goalie skating around in that small space for most of the game anxiously waiting to show everyone how good he is. 

The goalie’s only time to shine and stand out in a hockey game is when the other team attempts to score. This is usually when the crowd goes wild with both cheers and boos echoing throughout the stadium. 

Goalies do not get as much attention as their other teammates that are on the ice, chasing the puck around, making passes, taking slap shots, and scoring on the other team. Their teammates’ talents get noticed faster, and their names are discussed on how well they skate and play. You get to know the faces of the other players because their faces are not hidden behind a mask. 

Not Many Factory Customization Options

A goalie’s gear is the only thing that lets people know that that is their position on the team. Some of the equipment includes pads, a blocker, a catcher, a stick, and a mask, all uniquely designed for goalies. 

There are options to customize most of the equipment that allows options like colors and a few  other designs options but does not allow the goalie to show off their uniqueness. 

Bauer Goalie Mask

Why Custom Paint Your Goalie Mask?

Custom Painted And Airbrushed Goalie Masks

With a custom-painted goalie mask, you get the freedom to choose the design that you want. This will show off a glimpse of your personality to everyone involved in the game.  Each aspect of the design is custom painted and airbrushed to include as many elements that fit within the surface of the mask itself. There are very few limitations when it comes to having a custom paint and airbrush artist paint your goalie mask, unlike some of the other ways you can choose to customize your mask. 

Why Choose Big Tiki's Airbrushing?

When we take on a cool project like customizing a goalie mask we pride ourselves on clear communication with you to make your design ideas come to life.  We start that by getting a clear picture of what you want before we even give you a quote. 

Because we want to make each design as unique as you are we do not copy someone else’s design on a goalie mask when we are airbrushing, but we do take elements that you ask for and make them special just for you.  Add all that together with the use of high-end automotive-grade paint and products that we use and you’ll have a custom goalie mask that can take direct hits from a hockey puck and still look good at the end of each game. 

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