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Custom Painting and Airbrushing
Products and Equipment Matter

Product Knowledge

It takes a while to learn how every product works when you are a custom painter and airbrush artist. There are always new and innovative tools, paint, and products that get introduced to the automotive paint and airbrush supply companies every year. Some make our jobs easier and some allow us to show our creativity in new ways. 

Most airbrush and custom paint product have TDS's (technical data sheets) you can download from their websites
Each product serves a purpose and is intended to be used on the intended surfaces (substrates)

Right Product for the right job

Some airbrush and custom paint products can be used on various types of projects. Each manufacturer has formulated its products to be used in specific ways so you can get the outcome that is intended with each one. It takes time and patience when you custom paint and airbrush a customer’s project and if you are not well versed on how to use those specialty products you can end up with hours and sometimes days worth of hard work ruined to the point that you have to start over. What’s even worse is that you can give your customer a finished project that won’t last as long as it was intended to.    

The Right Equipment helps

When you first start out airbrushing and custom painting you can’t afford the best equipment on the market which is why there are value-priced alternatives. As you progress and decide that becoming a custom painter and airbrush artist is more of a passion versus a hobby then you’ll want to up your game. Quality does matter (be aware that most expensive does not mean better) and just like knowing which product suits your needs, choosing your arsenal also matters when you want your level matures from being an amateur. Do your research and get the right equipment. 

Does Quality Equipment Matter for airbrushing and custom painting?
Quality equiment matters when you start leaving the amateur level as a custom painter and airbrush artist.

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