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Based out of Edmonton, Mike “Big Tiki” Wolfe always seems to have an airbrush  project on the go. Be it something for a customer or just painting just to paint.

Something always seems to be getting airbrushed in Big Tiki’s home studio.

From airbrushing on aluminum panels to putting something cool on a vehicle there is no limitations to what Big Tiki’s can airbrush on, all you have to do is ask.

With over 10 years of experience in selling automotive paint supplies and in learning and experimenting in the airbrush industry Big Tiki’s will always find the right paint to work for any substrate.

Mike also incorporates many type of mediums into his paint jobs. Using a mixture of Automotive brand paints such as House of Kolor, SEM Color Horizions, and Alsa Corp to waterbased paints like Etac and Auto-Air Colors.

Airbrushing is not the only tool that Mike uses, he will also uses paint brushes and some other tools of the trade to give your artwork that little extra detail when needed.

Phone or Text (780)660-2441