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Edmonton airbrush artist. Big Tiki will not only airbrush in Edmonton but also surrounding areas. Big Tiki can be mobile, has worked with auto body shops in Edmonton and does airbrushing in his home studio.

Big Tiki airbrushes on cars, trucks, bikes, helmets, goalie masks, canvas, mailboxes, tool boxes, signs, clothing, hard hats, car interiors, walls (murals) well lets say almost anything. With over 10 years of experience selling automotive paints Big Tiki knows which paint to use to ensure you get the best quality finish for the airbrush artwork on your project.

Big Tiki started at a very young age doing art but fell in love airbrush art and the airbrush 10 years ago when he went to tour a custom paint manufacturer in California.  Personalize it by hiring Big Tiki Mike to put some airbrush art on your next project. 

Phone or Text (780)660-2441


I do not just limit myself to an airbrush, I also use pencils, paint brushes, inks, markers, etc. I like to expand my artistic skills and am always learning new ways to get the effects that I want in my art.

I also do work with Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Frontpage, iWeb and a few other graphic and web design programs. I try to make art or something cool in multiple different mediums.

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